FTPP (Adipotide) 10mg




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Adipotide FTPP

It’s a peptidomimetic, which is a small protein-like chain that is designed to imitate apeptide, converted into an experimental proapoptotic product that is used for cellular death. Cell death is when a biological cell ceases to perform its functions. That may be due to the natural process cells that are old dying and the new ones replacing them, or it may result from factors like localised injury, disease, or organism death of which these cells are part.

FTPP (Adipotide) purpose is contributing to weight loss. The substance hasexhibited favourable outcomes in tests; the main feature of adipotide is its property of fast loss of weight.

With adipotide, you can lose fat instantly.

What Is Adipotide?
FTPP (Adipotide) purpose is contributing to weight loss. The substance has exhibited favourable outcomes in tests; the main feature of adipotide is its property of fast loss of weight.

How Adipotide Works
Adipotide is designed for targeting specific blood vessels, supplying body fat (adipose tissue)with blood.

The process results in a shrinking on your vessels, forcing the fat cells to start
feeding on these vessels. All that mechanism leads to an apoptosis, which is a form of PCD that normally occurs in multicellular organisms. Typically, there are 2 receptors where adipotide binds: prohibitin and ANXA2. These are found in your blood vessels, and they accomplish the role of supplying your white adipose tissue.

What Are the Results and Benefits of Adipotide?
As a result of the laidback lifestyle of humans as well as the contemporary work modality, it is evident that the need for practising physical activity has significantly reduced, this causes many people to become obese and overweight.

Helps you to reduce your weight in just a few months.
The process results in the loss of a certain amount of abdominal fat mass.

Adipotide contains potentiating positive effects on insulin sensitivity as it improves it drastically. It’s reflected in using insulin efficiently on your body, which has been proven to have a positive effect on decreasing on elevated levels of blood glucose.

Adipotide maintains your health, and it allows energy use from the chemical nutrients your
body is receiving.

It regulates water by removing excess water and retaining it at the appropriate time.

It processes hormones, which is useful in the regulation of BP (blood pressure).

It balances the minerals in your body, which allows the correct functionality of your body.

What Is the Dosage of Adipotide?
The suggested dosage for vile size of 2mg
Suggested Frequency of use: 43mcg
Where to inject: Injected into the body fat around the stomach area.

Suggested Injection Dosage per time:43mcg per kg of body weight
What Type of water to mix with? Bacteriostatic Water or sterile water.