Nik Naylors interview on peptides.



Thank you for coming on the show
Nik , So, first of all, you know, as I said to you just before we started recording here, probably 99.9% of the people listening to this podcast don’t know much of anything about peptides. And you know, there’s this whole sort of world, it’s kind of an underground, it’s sort of gray market world because there’s these, there’s a lot of websites selling these compounds. And they are sort of very well regarded and they are, you know, a lot of attention is coming to them especially within anti-aging medicine communities, functional medicine communities.

So, there is a sort of growing awareness of them, but they are still in this sort of gray market category of, you know, they are chemicals sold for research purposes only. But you have all these people sort of buying and experimenting with these compounds and there is, you know, simultaneously there is all these, you know, pharmaceutical companies that are working on developing some of these compounds. And yet, you know, even though there’s a lot of science on some of these things that has been around for 20 plus years, most regular people have never heard of these things and have no idea about them. So, kind of give me a broad overview of what peptides are to help people understand this topic more broadly and on yourself and Peptide Gold.

Nik Naylor: Peptide Gold our mission is to make what seems an overwhelming decision an uncomplicated one and help you through the process to choose the right peptide or combination to achieve your goals.

FIRSTLY we sell only the highest grade pharmaceutical peptides available all which carry a Certificate of Analysis manufactured from an established GMP certified manufacturer.Peptide Gold works direct with the manufacturer and has a long established working relationship for more than 4 years. I personally have been looking after clients for nearly 4 years all gaining excellent results.. Everybody wants to hold onto a better quality of life. I’ve advocated the use of peptides for any client that wants to change the way the aging process effects the body as well as helping many competitive sportspeople recover from injuries and increase body functions to achieve superior performance and recovery.

SH:  Yeah. Now peptides, I think more broadly, it sounds like you could say they are basically messenger molecules. They are signaling molecules that are…
Nik Naylor: In many cases, yes. Signaling, that would be a better word to use.
SH:  Okay. Excellent. So, another broad question for you. You know, I know a lot of these compounds, some of these growth hormones, secretagogues we are going to talk about later, have been around for over 20 years now in some cases. And there are a lot of other compounds that have been around for a while. There is also, some of these have gone through clinical trials, have been even FDA approved in some cases like Tesamorelin, you know, for helping people lose visceral fat with HIV. And there are several other ones that are, have either gone, have been FDA approved
or are undergoing FDA approval. So, given that some of these things have been around for quite a long time, why is it that they are just coming into the spotlight now? And why, you know, why doesn’t everyone already know about peptides?


(To be continued)…